IT Program Management

Lucid brings a structured approach to IT Program / Project Management. We deploy this approach on all our projects regardless of the detailed assignment. Lucid is fully committed to the development, adoption, and use of standard processes and methodologies. We have developed, documented, and implemented standardized project management processes to create a coherent methodology. In addition, we have customized recognized industry best practices to meet the needs and attain the objectives of its customers.

This codified approach to project management is described in the Project Management Standard Practices (PMSP). This set of corporate guidelines provides the basis for our approach to systems management, configuration/change management, risk mitigation, quality assurance, and successful contract performance procedures. The PMSP describes how our associates and managers should direct project activities, provides templates for documents used to manage projects, and provides a framework that guides managers through all phases of project management.

Our PMSP provides each Lucid associate with documentation tools and process requirements to ensure that all activities are well planned, monitored and controlled. In addition, it provides a structured process for identifying issues and creating resolutions quickly whether they take the form of new processes, new staff requirements, or changes in infrastructure. Our team employs these structured processes to provide early and thorough communications with government managers. We mitigate the effect of any problems through early detection, communication of resolution strategies, and demanding accountability from each of our project resources.

We have also deployed a Microsoft SharePoint based Knowledge Management Portal (PKO) as our standard tool to support our process standardization, cross-office communication, and house all key project documentation. PKO provides our associates with 24/7 Web-based access to key information, processes, standard templates, and forms. This includes all project-specific information such as status reports and PMSP templates and documents as well as company announcements and forms. We deploy this system as a strong communication vehicle that each associate can tailor to their individual needs. We will use this platform on this contract to keep all our associates informed on project issues, share process improvement strategies, develop cross-office cohesion, and maintain our sense of shared corporate culture. The system is a readily available resource to our staff as they provide on-site support at any ESA site. 

Success Stories

Department of Labor

Division of Information, Technology, and Management Services (DITMS)
Lucid provides IT architecture implementation and management, change management, strategic planning, technology acquisition, operations support, and program management. 

Federal Aviation Administration

Air Traffic Organization
Lucid provides program management, change management, quality assurance, verification and validation support to FAAs ATO CM organization. Lucid drives the change control process.

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