Software Development

Lucid is committed to a structured software development methodology. We have experience across multiple, industry standard methodologies. (e.g., Waterfall, Agile, Prototyping. We can adapt to the client's preferred methodology and preferred methods. The end result of a Lucid software development project is always the same - on-time, cost-efficient delivery of a system that meets user requirements.

Success Stories

Department of Labor

Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation (DEEOIC)
Lucid led the development of a case management system across all phases of software development. Initial development was followed by 7 additional releases over 14 months - all delivered on time. 

Department of Labor

Office of Labor Management Standards (OLMS)
Lucid designed an automated workflow and case management system to streamline access to document-based content and reduce cycle time across multiple business processes for the Department of Labor, Office of Labor Management Standards (OLMS), providing OLMS users with flexibility in accessing documents when and where they need them.

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